Stylish earrings that shine in the summer 🌻


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In Okinawa, the rainy season is coming, and it feels like it's about to enter the rainy season in Honshu(Main land), because there are many rainy days recently☂️

Isn't it increasing to tie your hair up because of the humidity that causes the hair to spread and because it's too hot to put your hair down??

Earrings are more visible when there are more opportunities to put your hair up in this kind of season, don't you want to have stylish earrings ?🥰

Since earrings are jewelry that show next to your face, so you can use to control the impression. 

It is often seen in women's magazines that when you go to a meeting place with a man, swaying pierced earrings are recommended 🎀

The pierced earrings that gently sway around the face are perfect items to create cuteness

If it is a motif like the one in the picture above, both men and women will be squeaky 😍


Heart swing type earrings
Heart shape 1 carat
Total 2.3 carat
18K yellow gold


This is the same swaying pierced earrings but

Straight chain-like earrings can give a crisp and sharp impression

And the vertical lines are emphasized to make it look like a small face. It's a nice effect for women, isn't it? 😊


Chain stud earrings
Top 0.2 carat Medium 0.3 carat Bottom 0.3 carat
18K yellow gold


And is it the most orthodox? Stud earrings

Stud earrings Because they have a neat image, you can make an impression of honesty and seriousness, which is perfect for her work scene 🍀

From the simple shape of a single grain type to the gorgeous type that uses a lot of cute type stones such as her flower heart, you can freely design ✨ ✨ ✨


Sunflower earrings
Center 0.5 carat
Mini size
18K yellow gold


Popular hoop earrings

One is the pierced earrings you want to have, and you're wondering what size to use 🤷‍♀️

For those who want to use it casually, hoop earrings with a diameter of about 3 cm are recommended for those with short hair 👍

It is about 2 cm in diameter that gives good quality while making the face look gorgeous 👑

He doesn't insist too much and doesn't interfere with fashion, so he can be used in offices, etc. About 1.5 cm in diameter 🌷

In this way, the impression can be changed depending on the size of the diameter of the ring


Hoop earrings
18K pink gold
Large size 3 cm in diameter


And finally hug pierce

Because the pierced earrings are integrated with the catch, she has the advantage of being hard to get caught in where the catch went and when putting on and taking off clothes 🤍😊

It's a stress-free earring that you can keep wearing this earring for a long time 💎


Hug Hoop Earrings
Heart Shape Cut
Center 0.8 Carat x 2


What kind of earrings do you like?

You can make whatever you like with the shape and size you want

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