Round brillant cut

Round cut

It is said that it was invented in Venice in the 17th century, and is a cutting method with a long history. The most popular standard shape of, which maximizes the brilliance inside the gemstone in consideration of characteristics such as reflection and refractive index.


Princess cut

Princess Cut
This is a cutting method made for
women who have the name "princess" which means a princess such as a queen. In the United States, it is preferred as a gift for fiancés, and in
Japan, more and more people are choosing Princess Cut as their engagement ring. The fine cut gives off a sharp and noble dignified shine.


Emerald cut

Emerald cut
The same shape as the cut of a jewel called emerald. Moissanite, Colorless and transparent jewels Emerald cut brings out the original color of gemstones and gives off a transparent and mysterious glow.


Oval cut

Oval cut
A historic shape whose existence has been confirmed since the beginning of the 12th century. This is a cutting method with a characteristic oval shape that gives off a shine close to that of a round cut. The oval diamond is sooted into the ring with a cut method calculated to make the finger look slender and long.


Cushion cut

Cushion cut
As its name suggests, it is a fluffy square like a pillow. Also known as a pillow-cut diamond. It has been a popular cut for over a century. The same brilliant cut as the round is applied to increase the brilliance of the


Heart shape

A heart-shaped cut.
It is one of the popular cuts for women because of its unique cutting method.
Gives off a strong presence.


Marquise cut

Marquis cut is a characteristic cutting method with a pointed point like a rugby ball. It is a characteristic cut with a strong presence. It has the largest surface area for carats and is also characterized by appearing larger than the actual carat count.




Round brilliant cut and brilliant cut,
teardrop-like shape is called teardrop.
Because it is vertically long and has V-shaped corners, it also has the effect of making your fingers look slender.


Radiant cut

The corners have been cut off, and the
round brilliant cut and emerald cut have the best points of. It is a popular shape as an engagement ring.


Asscher cut

Asher cut cut into squares. The feature is the beauty of symmetry. Cut it into squares to create a lovely atmosphere.
Because the cutting surface is wide and transparent, makes you feel elegance from any angle.