Values ​​are diversifying, but what is important is the comfort of "myself."



I'm Akko in charge of  RADIANN's Blog 🌈

Recently, apps that share your location among teens are popular, right?

I was told that this app is useful for checking the whereabouts of children, but I was surprised that I was using it among my friends!

I have no idea in my head to always share my whereabouts with my friends

Why do you do that

Do you ever think you don't want to be known? ❓ (It seems that there are functions such as freeze and ambiguity)

People don't mind of sharing their location because they are often sending their actions on SNS etc.

The inside of my head is ❓❓❓

It's probably used because it has many merits such as fun ❗️ convenience ❗️

I'm sorry 🙇‍♀️ I have no idea what's good for me now (I'd love to hear what's good next time I meet my niece 🤣)

As you can see, the values ​​of each age group have been different from before, but

Even in the same age group, individual values ​​have diversified, and the world has come to respect them.

And everyone sends out various thoughts of their own, and the recipient is swayed because he does not know which is the correct answer

I think there are many things that people don't understand even if they say it's good

Therefore Your own axis is important! ️

I'm just searching for what this self-axis is 😅

The story is connected, but

Moissanite has only recently become popular in Japan 🥰

Therefore, "What is moissanite? There are still many people who say

And knowing Moissanite

"Moissanite is an artificial jewel, isn't it? I'm not interested ”

Some people say

Also, there are some people who haven't met good moissanite and feel that "moissanite isn't beautiful at all"

The customer who just met Radiant Moissanite is

" There is no such a convenient stone with such a beautiful stone" Please love 🤍✨

I am one of them 🍀

I love natural stones and have a lot of them, but I usually only wear moissanite 💎

That's because it's a thing that makes me very comfortable💕

And it feels like putting a natural stone on a special day 💍 (Since there are almost no special days, the diamond ring is left unrepaired at home)

Keep up to date with the latest information to live in the coming era.

Always keep an antenna in place.

Collect information not only from one side but from various directions and receive it with an open mind🌿

And I think that I can spend happy days with my own axis by choosing whether it is comfortable for me or not ❤️

Values ​​are diversifying, but what is important is the comfort of "myself."



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