The biggest benefits of moissanite "What is travel jewelry?"


I'm Akko in charge of RADIANN's Blog 🌈

GW will finally start 💕

What are your plans for Golden Week this year?

I want to go abroad soon ✈️

While looking at the Instagram image posted by the overseas representative of RADIANN International Kie (IG: @kieinportugal)

I want to go to Portugal 🇵🇹

My parents may have influenced that I love travelling❣️

My parents also loved traveling. I also went on a family trip, but from the time I got the hang of it, I enjoyed traveling abroad just two of them once a year.

And I was looking forward to going to a delicious restaurant 🍽

My mother normally wore a kimono when she went to a michelin star restaurant even in foreign country 👘

I thought it would be bulky and troublesome to bring her kimono, but

"When I wear a kimono, the seats that guide me are completely different. Even in Monaco, the waitor showed me the main seat of the restaurant. I was a bit feeling a bit shy😆"

As many of you may know, there are many restaurants in Europe where the dress code is fixed, so the impression of seeing is important, isn't it?

TPO is extremely important

👗 What kind of clothes are you wearing

👠 What kind of shoes are you wearing

💍 What kind of jewelry are you wearing

It is judged whether or not the person is suitable for this place by your appearance.

Actually, we often receive orders from people who live overseas.

Many of them have told us that "When going to a restaurant or party, I want to wear some big jewelry ...
but I'm worried to wear such an expensive jewelry".

The danger may increase, especially in some areas.😰

RADIANN's owner Aya is said to have lived in various countries in her childhood due to the parents of expats.

Sometimes the mother is

when she lives abroad at that time.

She says, "I wanted to meet Moissanite!"

(I will summarize this area in another article!)

 Therefore, she thinks RADIANN's moissanite is the bestquality and beautiful so she often orders from us❣️

I think Europe is remarkable, but I feel that hotels and restaurants in Japan are also looking at what they are wearing

I rarely go to super-luxury stores while traveling, but

Just wearing something nice

The shop owner "It's a nice ring 💖" "The necklace you're wearing is beautiful ✨" It becomes

How about wearing radiant moissanite for this summer trip?

Now is the best time to order

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Halo type ring

Center 2ct

Highest grade moissanite

18K White Gold

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