[Customer Review] Cutting technology is also important for the beauty of gems


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Overwhelming transparency and brilliance
It was more than I imagined 💞
Let's do our best today!
Naturally raises
I feel such a mysterious
energy 😌💕🌈

I'm really glad that my first moissanite was
I'm happy 😍🌈

Thank you ✨

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Let's do our best today!
I felt the energy from Moissanite ✨

And I'm really glad I bought it at RADIANN. I'm happy. will lead to our motivation to create in the future 💍🥰

Thank you 😊

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This customer is

This beauty may only be about half of the real thing 😭

If you look at the real thing, you can't say anything about the subtle rainbow-colored brilliance under the downlight and the calm brilliance of
white gold
After all, it's best to look through your own eyes, not the machine 💖

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Thank you for sending the video with the message 💎
Thank you 😊💕

I can't really pick up the beauty of the real thing in the video 🤣

You said that the brilliance you see through your eyes is the most

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This customer is

I'm fascinated ♡
You can see it forever!
I had it made to be worn by my dominant hand, so
Every time my hand comes into view Every time it is exposed to sunlight
Every time it is illuminated by the LED light in the living room
Every time it is reflected by the downlight
I am happy to meet different impressions 💕💕

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"Haan" I'm fascinated by you. You said
that you can see it forever 👏

I'm very happy to be able to meet different brilliance in various environments
I'm very impressed 💎

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For moissanite, which has a high refractive index, the light that enters the stone repeatedly refracts and reflects, and the light that shines in our eyes comes in. ✨ ✨ ✨

So she creates multiple faces and she reflects intricately inside by letting in light from different directions 💛

However, it cannot shine beautifully unless it is cut cleanly and polished cleanly

Therefore, it is very important to cut stones by a skilled craftsman 💎✨

Radiant has the best cutter craftsman and polishing craftsman.

That's why I think she can receive inspiring words from customers 🙏

If you order from now on, it will be delivered when the sun is glaring after the rainy season 🎁

Radiant moissanite shines most beautifully in the sun ✨☀️✨

Why don't you spend time with Radiant's "Purin and Shine" Moissanite during the fun of summer 🏝💍👒

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