Nice to meet you, I'm AKKO in charge of RADIANN's Blog

[From RADIANN's owner AYA]

I am thrilled to announce that from this month, she will be in charge of RADIANN's blog!

AKKO is a quasi-appraiser of the National Gemological Association (although it is gone now).

 Let's ask AKKO, who loves jewelry, to answer all your simple questions ♪



I am AKKO, in charge of the RADIANN's Blog from this month♪.

I have a jeweler who I know,

"It's a good idea to look at good things from a young age."

He showed me various products and let me wear them.

Many jewelers really like gems, and they strongly want everyone to see precious stones and everytime they get precious stones, they called me like

"Look, I'm borrowing such a stone from a trader!"

When of course, I was not in a position to purchase.

They showed me as for diamonds, white ones are large, such as 10 carat, but also precious colored diamonds such as pink, blue, and green.

And finest rubies and sapphires.

I looked closely and I was grinning when I put tried them on my finger.

After I quit my job as an office worker, I had some time to spare, so I wanted to know more about jewelry and want to study, so I took a gem appraiser course held by the Japanese Gem Appraisal Association.

There, I learned the basics of gemstones and actually appraised them.

After that, I left the jewelry industry, but I still love to wear and see jewelry ♡

I hope I can talk a lot about moissanite and jewelry this blog!

Thank you !

RADIANN's blogger AKKO