We accept cleaning, free of charge for all customers who purchase at our store.

* Customers are responsible for the shipping charges for cleaning.

In the unlikely event that your jewelry is scratched, stones have fallen, or the chain is broken, please do not panic. Our professional artisans of our workshop can heal (almost) all the injuries of your jewelry;)

If you would like to apply for repair, please contact us by WhatsApp, LINE or email (radiann.international@gmail.com).
In that case, the shipping fee for sending the broken item to us will be paid by the customer.

① Send the broken item to us
Sapporo City Chuo-ku Minami Nijo nishi 7-1-5 2.7 Building 2F

② We will check to see if it can be repaired and checkthe repair cost estimate

③ We will contact the customer with an estimate of the repair fee

④ When customer transfers the repair fee to our bank account and we will start the repair

⑤ Return as soon as the repair is completed