Story of RADIANN

What is "Radiant" in English?

It means shining, shining, and radiant.

Not only for substances, but also for humans

Represents the inner beauty that shines brilliantly.

for this phrase

"What a beautiful and wonderful word to express the brilliance of a person"

Radiant founder Aya was shocked when he lived abroad in his childhood, and he launched the Radiant brand.

Radiant smile A radiant smile
Radiant with happiness .

"Each person has an inner shine, and he smiles and shines outside. I want him to let that light shine further around him." Named after the brand Purpose


This name also exists in the diamond cutting technique called "Radiant Cut" and is loved by people all over the world.

The radiant tokat, the first jewelry made on the day of its founding and the amulet of Aya's happiness, is


The RADIANN logo is modeled in R.

RADIANN is a registered trademark .

Pursuit of quality

RADIANN uses the highest quality moissanite.

Owner Aya ordered Moissanite from all over the world to pursue the most beautiful stones. The quality that can only be obtained at RADIANN in Japan is highly favored by many jewelry lovers.

In the moissanite world, where the rise and fall are fierce, the number of fans continues to increase every year since the company was founded. , It is very popular because it is easy to use everyday.

Actualize your thoughts

80% of our customers are made-to-order orders.

We will carefully listen to your thoughts and realize your own jewelry using the skills of skilled jewelry craftsmen at our factory and the highest quality moissanite.