Through our business, 

We try to achieve "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs) &

We will contribute to solving social issues.

There are always many problems that arise when mining natural gems such as diamonds. Such as problems of destruction of the natural environment, low-wage labor, child labor, and forced labor. Beautifully shining gems have been triggered conflicts such as civil war and can be a source of funding for rebels.

Artificially made stones called ethical jewelry not only can such labor exploitation be corrected, but all problems can be turned into positive ones, such as being able to reduce the burden on the environment as much as possible.

RADIANN will start by continuing to protect the beautiful Japan in a shining natural environment.

Environmental protection support in Japan

(Photo: Owner Aya at the sea in Okinawa)
We support the activities of "Umi no Seed ", which protects the declining coral of Okinawa, and donate it to the transplantation and release of cultured coral.

There are all kinds of environmental protection groups and donations in Japan, we have never seen anyone with such a passion and devotion to nature conservation and to protect the seas of Japan now and in the future, even when founder Aya investigated whether they were doing proper activities.

We sincerely admire Mr. Kinjo and other steady activities of sea seeds and have added them to one of the donations from 2021.

→ Click here for sea species

Moissanite ethical jewelry is a gem made to make everyone happy, including miners, artisans and users.
RADIANN believes that a stone that shines beautifully without any negative elements can never be struck by the next generation.

We will continue to look for groups that have a passionate soul and aspirations and are actively engaged in activities, and will continue to support them with a little effort after scrutinizing each one.

Environmental protection support overseas

(Photo: Kie in charge of overseas at a beach in Portugal)

RADIANN for all living creatures on the planet. Kie, who is in charge of overseas sales, is picking up trash once a week on the beach in Portugal.

We will continue our activities to be "friendly to ourselves, our surroundings, and the earth" by making choices that we think are "cool" for the environment, the earth, and people through steady and actual activities.