Price increase situation from the viewpoint of high brands


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Again, the price increase rush of high brands etc. continues this year

Some products have had price revisions four times last year 😆

Cartier had an average price increase of 8% last year

In Louis Vuitton, where the price was revised in February, the
Capsine Mini was 588,500 yen, but it was 737,000 yen


Dior's Lady Dior Small Back is 528,000 yen to 627,000 yen

I'm surprised that one price revision will raise this level 🫢

It's almost 15 years ago, but I was asked to buy a Chanel watch J12 caliber 12.2 33MM when I went on an overseas trip ✈️

Probably the list price in Japan at that time was around 300,000 yen. I remember being told, "If it's less than 300,000, buy it."

It seems that it is now 863,500 yen.

The price has risen by nearly 500,000 to 600,000 yen for 15 years. .. ..

The reason why the price rises many times a year is
"Recently, the yen is depreciating, so the cost of transportation is high due to the high price of crude oil. You're right 🥺

Of course, I think there is such a reason, but when looking at it in decades, there are times when the yen is strong, times when the yen is weak, times when crude oil is high, and when crude oil prices are stable. I think there was also

Still, regarding the price,
"The price will increase but the price will not decrease‼ ️"

When you want something that is said to be a luxury item, it is highly likely that the price is the cheapest.

⇈ This is important

Radiant also raised the price of its products in April due to the soaring prices of raw materials

Radiant has long said, "Customers who make early decisions are doing good shopping"

Even from the above flow,
Customers who purchased from the beginning with Radiant are really envious ♡

Of course, I would like you to worry about it, but if you think about it, it may be said that it is a good day. > 👑

I wish you all a wonderful shopping ❣️

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