Make big and healthy in summer


I'm Akko in charge of Radiant Blog 🌈

Clothes are getting lighter for the summer, right? Then she wants a big piece of jewelry, and she
has suddenly increased the number of orders


For me, I want you to wear big jewelry healthy without being too gorgeous ❣️

For example, a T-shirt with a big denim earring is nice 🌈
Radiant's finest moissanite is not 0.5ct
Anyway, 1ct or 2ct 💕
It's big at first You may think that
your eyes are getting used to it, so
you'll feel smaller before you know it 😆

What do you want to recommend next? Tennis necklace 💎

Of course you can wear it in a dress, but
I recommend white shirts, T-shirts, tank tops, etc.
I want you to wear casual clothes lightly 🌻
The sun hits him It's as if a part of my skin is shining and it's wonderful ✨

Imagine yourself wearing the finest Moissanite
elegant brilliance
Isn't it exciting ⁉️
It's also your own brilliance ✨ ✨ ✨

This summer, of course, in the sea, in the pool, in the mountains,
Even if I get sweaty, I want to be beautiful and full of confidence! !!

June orders are just in time for summer

If you are interested, please order early


On the photo

Double claw type earrings
18k white gold


Below the photo

Tennis necklace
Total 5ct
Four fastening


If you have any orders or questions,

Please register on the official line @

Please consult the concierge 🥰