Super huge! A 228.31 carat diamond ...



Blue diamonds are really rare, and even small diamonds are rarely seen.


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This time, we will introduce an article in the recent news that glitter lovers can't help but get excited.😊

British auction giant Christie's

228.31 carat giant white diamond 💎

"The Rock"
has been released in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

It is said to be the largest white diamond ever to be put up for auction in a pear-shaped form.

The winning bid is expected to exceed $ 30 million (USD)😱

We talk about a 1 carat diamond being big, so 228.31 carats ... it's an order of magnitude, isn't it?!

Besides this,
Sotheby's, a major auctioneer,
15.10 carat blue diamond announced to be auctioned in Hong Kong💍

The winning bid is expected to exceed $ 48 million (about 5.5 billion yen).

This is also the first time that a blue diamond of 15 carats or more has been auctioned.

Blue diamonds are really rare, and even small diamonds are rarely seen.
I've only seen it a few times, but when I saw the blue diamonds, it was so beautiful that I felt like I was sucked in

Let me tell you how great this blue diamond is in this auction is that they are very bright in color and of course they are of this size, but they are also identified as Internally Flawless (IF). It means "diamond" (the rough was found at the Cullinan mine in South Africa in April 2021), probably tens of times larger than 15 carats, polished and nothing of its inclusions. This stone was made in the missing part.

You can imagine how precious it is!

Returning to the story, it seems that white diamonds over 3.6 billion yen will be exhibited in Dubai, then toured in Taipei, Taiwan and New York, and will be auctioned in Geneva, Switzerland on May 11.

Occasionally, there are jewelery exhibitions at museums, but when you see huge jewelery that you don't usually see or antique jewelery that was used by old European women, definitely go see it.👑

I don't know which company will get it, but I definitely want you to exhibit it in Japan too!

I would love to see the stones that will enter this museum up close 🤍

By the way, good news for those who have read this article to the end, but it can be made with a 228.31 carat pear shape cut radiant ♡

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