Experience opens up a new world


Hello 😊

I'm Akko in charge of RADIANN's Blog 🌈

I took a Golden Week holiday in favor of the owner 🙏

We received many orders during Golden Week and the owner was in full operation 💍

Thank you very much for your order 😊

May is the time when
orders start to get crowded for going out during the summer vacation in August ✨

Moissanite jewelry, as a travel jewelery, summer is especially great.

Whether it's the sea, the pool, or the mountains, you don't have to worry if your activities get muddy and sweaty! Is really too versatile ♪
It's a must-have item for travel.

My GW was a trip for children to swim for the first time 🏝

Until just two years ago, we lived in the house in front of beach and had ocean view on a daily basis, so there was no "Oh wow! Sea!" on the road, and we realized that we had never swam in the sea😆

Children jumped into the sea like a pool and were surprised at the saltiness of the water that came into their mouths! They started crying because of that. When they took off their goggles, it seemed that seawater had entered their eyes and their eyes started to get hurt and they started crying again ...

My child's first experience of swimming started with tears 😭

Of course, I knew from the information on books and TV that seawater was salty, but I didn't think they would be shocked enough to start crying 😱

It can be beyond my imagination I feel my kids had a very good experience 🏖

I'm very happy that there is another activity that the whole family can enjoy it again.

Looking at the child's experienceI thought I hadn't had a new experience recently 😅

Even if I am interested in something new, I hesitate to take on the challenge ...

You can't understand until you experience and feel everything ✨

You will not know until you experience the feeling of wearing moissanite and the fun of making custom-made jewelry ✨ ✨ ✨

We hope that the voices of our customers will be helpful, but each person feels


It's important to experience for yourself ❣️

A new world may open up by taking a step 🥰

Sea, pool, mountains and

with kids

Even if it becomes sweaty and muddy

Even if the makeup is removed ... 😅

I think there are many mothers who say, "As a woman, I want to be shining around my ears and chest, and

I want to show myself like that!

That will be the source of energy!"

New experience, I would like everyone to have new fun I want you to increase it in the summer of 2022☀


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