[Customer Review] Even if you touch it with your hands with hand cream ...!


I'm Aya, the owner of RADIANN🌷

We have recieved numbers of amazing reviews and photos from many customers♪

Today, I would like to introduce some of them 🤍❣️

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Great transparency!

It was as glittering as diamonds!

It's too perfect for daily use and I am honestly so impressed.

Actually I was putting it on all day yesterday and I was so impressed that it was keep shiniuntil night (T∇T)

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Compare with my diamond jewelry that I have,

"the transparency is wonderful and it is as glittering as diamond ” and I am really Impressed 💎

We are very happy that she is super satisfied  💗


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From this customer, 

Somehow, I was thrilled, but now I'm cooking and getting it wet.

I screamed in my heart (lol)



Like really?! Can I even use with hand cream?

Really it feels so easy to use

and this quality! !!

Even though my husband was making fun of me until he saw the product←

he said "Kirei Yana = Very beautiful"


Apparently, her husband was skeptical of Moissanite at first 🤷‍♂️, but he saw the RADIANN's ring 💍 that arrived and praised the ring🙆‍♂️

Recently, I have been forced to disinfect my hands with alcohol no matter where I am, so

Look at

Thank you for your compliment🥰✨

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Moissanite is known for its low "lipophilicity".

It means,

"It has the property of not easily adsorbing fats and oils"

So the stones are less likely to fog because they are less susceptible to the effects of hand sweat and hand fats that naturally occur in daily life.

Nowadays, we have to disinfect my hands with alcohol no matter where we go, so I think many people don't want to expose their diamond rings to alcohol at that time.

And our hands got rough due to alcohol sterilization and we ended up applying hand cream very often.

"You can leave the ring on"

is amazing isn't?!

If I remove the ring every time I sterilize alcohol and every time I apply hand cream, I will definitely lose it someday ... ︎ and I are scared and can't wear it.

This is all the problem-solving for jewelry that "has the property of not easily adsorbing fats and oils" such as moissanite!

If you haven't experienced this easy  yet

elegant and luxury please try and get to know ♬

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