Birthstone revised for the first time in 63 years ❣️

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The other day, I sold a limited edition Akoya pearl necklace. It was so popular that it sold out in an instant ✨

Because it's Radiant, "I can believe it's an absolutely good pearl"
Thank you very much for your words 😊

Now, the popular pearl is also the birthstone for June 🤍

Are you aware of birthstones?

Actually, the birthstone was revised for the first time in 63 in Japan last year! ️

(Source: National Jewelery Wholesale Cooperative Association

Alexandrite has been added to the June birthstone 🌈

The stone called alexandrite is a stone called "emerald in the day and ruby ​​at night". It is a very fascinating gem that changes color due to the light hitting the stone 💚❤️

In addition to that, pale cherry-colored morganite is added to the April birthstone. December birthstone is added with tanzanite, a beautiful blue stone that is perfect for the image of winter. Total There were 10 types of stones added 💎

5 Birthstones other than the big gems have the image of being worn by people born in that month, but
like the morganite and tanzanite added in this revision,
in the sense of the season of the month. There are many perfect stones, so
It might be fun to think about coordinating with the pearls of the birthstone of June
this month 🥰

Honestly, it hasn't changed since I was born, so I was shocked when I heard
"Revised to a birthstone", but

The times have changed. It's normal for revisions to occur, right? 🙆‍♀️

It's been the same for decades, so it's never changed. doing.

It may be more common that it doesn't work anymore

In the future, ethical jewelry such as moissanite may be added to the


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