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Recently, her daughter is researching Coco Chanel, so
I'm rereading the biographical picture book together 📓

Coco Chanel has been thinking "I want to be a special person" since I was a kid, and she is the one who rushed to make her dream come true 🤍🖤

I think many of you already know about Coco Chanel, but as described in her introductory book,

A long time ago, women were tight corsets. In an era when it was considered good to wear a long long dress, I took off the corset and made clothes that emphasized ease of movement when I didn't like this kind of difficult-to-move clothes.

But it seems that the women in Paris started from the hat shop because they didn't have the courage to take off the corset
yet 👒

However, Coco Chanel did not give up on making clothes and she thought about where to take off the corset
started a shop that also handles clothes in the resort area

(this idea) Is already astonishing)

This time the war started, and at that time she needed to work for a woman who didn't have to work until now, so everyone was looking for easy-to-move clothes made by Coco Chanel.

She didn't miss the timing when the times changed. Also, "comfort" was an eternal theme and kept it while building a universal Chanel style 🥰

Guts who challenge the rapid flow of the times such as the ability to read and war

I feel that a cool woman who is independent has always opened up the era


jewelry, Chanel now handles
high jewelry, but
it started with costume jewelry ☺️

Her idea was
" jewelry is meaningless unless it is fashionable "

She seems to have thought that it was like
she was wearing a check if she wasn't fashionable
, even if she was high jewelery.
(It's a saying)

Conversely, If it's fashionable,
High jewelry, ethical jewelry, costume jewelry,
anything is okay 💎

From Coco Chanel's words, diamonds,
moissanite, Swarovski
she's cute, she's fashionable, she's comfortable to wear
I thought it was the best ❣️


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